Fine line tattoos are essentially exactly what they sound like, a delicate, subtle and thin tattoo.  Fine line tattoos are often softer in shading as well as being more delicate in their linework than other types of tattoo.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • They are discreet so enable people to get a tattoo without making a bold statement.
  • Fine line tattoos offer a beginner friendly entry into tattoos
  • Fine line tattoos are less painful than other tattoos as smaller needles are used
  • They tend to age better than bolder, more traditional tattoos
  • They are less likely to blur or bleed over time, and are also less likely to fade or lose their definition.

How often should you have the treatment?

The time it takes to do a fine-line tattoo depends on the size and detail of the design.  Small fine-line tattoos can be done in 20-30 minutes, while larger designs take 1-2 hours.




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