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The kamaya brand is the future of the beauty and aesthetics industry. we strive to provide treatments and services that are at the forefront of the industry. from facials to aesthetics and a great deal more besides. whether you're in the mood to schedule an appointment or just want to relax and enjoy a pedicure, you'll find the right atmosphere created by our warm and welcoming team.

Who is kamaya

Sumaiyah is an explosive ball of energy that has always been passionate about beauty and makeup, which led her to pursue tattoos and semi-permanent makeup. She became a teacher because she wanted to share this passion. Our primary social media manager, Sumaiyah, imparts her skill by instructing others in makeup, beauty, and social media.Observing the happiness she could bring to others inspired her to continue learning, studying and being qualified in an increasing number of industry areas.

Khadijah has four children before she entered the field of aesthetics and beauty. She was thrilled to discover that this was her "best fit" and she embraced it with the "hands-on, can-do" mentality that she would carry with her for the rest of her life.Khadijah, who is currently qualified to teach at a level 7, offers her skills in aesthetics.  She keeps studying with Sumaiyah, and as her credentials grow, she will be able to provide a variety of aesthetic treatments.

This dynamic pair believes that being honest is integral!  The girls at Kamaya believe it's crucial to only provide treatments to people when necessary, and they are very honest with their consumers and believe honesty is the key to their success. On any treatment, they will provide you with a thorough consultation and their frank assessment. Making sure we can give you best treatment needed. What kamaya gives to Batley is comfort and boosting your appearance.